Kim French, who has served the city in several capacities since first being employed by the St. Clair administration about four years ago, has found a permanent home in city hall.

On Monday, French, 41, was named city clerk, replacing Chris Fawe, who had been in that job for six years before resigning late last month.

French has performed general office duties with the city and has been the interim collector, interim court clerk and most recently the interim city clerk.

“Kim is a good person with a great attitude,” Mayor Ron Blum told The Missourian. “She already has done an outstanding job serving the city of St. Clair and its citizens. She is a dedicated worker, and I don’t think there is any task she cannot handle.”

During Monday’s board meeting, St. Clair’s aldermen approved removing the “interim” tag off of French’s job title as well as a slight change to the clerk’s job description. On Aug. 5, a resolution was approved outlining the responsibilities of the position. It included qualifications, a description of the job and essential duties.

The change comes in the way the city clerk now will be paid. The new resolution states the position is hourly and that a 32-hour work week is expected. The city clerk will receive full benefits.

French will be paid $15 per hour.

“We feel this job can be accomplished in 32 hours per week,” City Administrator Rick Childers said. “It is full time.”

Childers then echoed Blum with praise for French.

“Kim has been a very strong resource for the city in her past duties, and we’re delighted that she’s willing to take on this new role,” he said. 

French has attended both board meetings this month and has kept the minutes for each.

“The thing I enjoy most about working for the city is working with the public,” French told The Missourian. “I have enjoyed serving and getting to know the people of St. Clair.”

The job description states the city clerk performs “complex” administrative and professional work, including performance of accounts payable and payroll duties, general clerical duties subject to various requirements of the state and serves as subordinate office manager in the absence of the city administrator.

The individual must have either a high school diploma or general education degree and have experience or education in key areas related to the position.

French, who described herself as a very private person, said her family relocated to Missouri after her husband retired from the Air Force in 2009. She said the family moved several times during her husband’s military career.

“That allowed me the opportunity to try a variety of jobs with each new place,” she said, adding that her work experience ranges from an advertising company and insurance agency “all the way to simply volunteering and later working for my children’s elementary school.”

After moving here, French began volunteering at St. Clair Elementary School before she applied for and accepted the office assistant position with the city.

“During my time with the city, I have been willing to help out in whatever department has a need and will continue to work hard, be a team player, and help out any way I can,” she said.