Contracts for certified employees have been offered to St. Clair R-XIII School District faculty for the 2014-15 academic year.

Superintendent Mike Murphy told The Missourian that the contracts were extended late last week after the board of education met on Thursday and discussed teacher evaluations and employment for the upcoming year during an executive session.

The contract list then was approved when the regular board meeting resumed.

Certified staff are teachers and administrators.

The employment list was finalized after the latest round of resignations was accepted by the board last week. Murphy said the majority of resignations were voluntary, but some were because “positions were eliminated” as the district restructures and seeks to streamline staff and drastically reduce expenses in lieu of decreasing revenues.

The contract offers included a step pay increase for experience. The base teacher salary remained the same at $31,500 annually.

It is possible that the base rate for teachers could increase, depending on how the board of education decides to finalize its 2014-15 budget next month.

The board still needs to wait for a final decision from the Missouri Legislature about how it will fund the state education formula this fall and therefore how much of an increase will be coming to school districts.

Also, the board will have to figure in a district capital plan priority list as well as other things in relation to employee pay while still trying to make ends meet as far as revenue and expenses.

Murphy said a $1,000 base rate pay increase will cost the district about $220,000 annually in additional reoccurring expenses.