The St. Clair Ambulance District’s 2013 tax levy is slightly higher than last year’s.

The district’s board of directors approved the rate on Thursday afternoon during a special public hearing and meeting. No one attended other than board members and ambulance personnel.

Information provided by the district showed a .2604 rate for this year compared to the .2440 amount approved last year. The levy means residents of the district will pay 26.04 cents per every $100 of assessed valuation.

The increase is less than 2 cents over 2012.

According to district figures, the tax levy will bring about $529,872 into the district’s coffers.

Estimated valuation of taxable property in the district is $167,302,597 for real estate and $36,181,445 for personal property. That adds up to a total valuation of $203,484,042.

Like every other taxing entity in Franklin County, the ambulance district is taking a valuation hit this year. In 2012, estimated total valuation within the local district was $214,144,563.

“You all have the numbers in front of you,” board President Tony Hinson said during the hearing. “Our assessed valuation is a little more than $10 million down from last year.”

He then announced the new tax levy.

There were no comments or questions from board members.

The 2011 tax rate was 0.2466.

Usually, when valuation is up, tax rates go down. The opposite also is true.

According to information provided by the city, the tax rate is determined by dividing the amount of revenue by the current assessed valuation. The result is multiplied by 100 as the tax rate is expressed in cents per $100 of assessed valuation