Lonedell R-XIV School District administrators are looking into what it would take as far as manpower and finances to expand and pave the gravel lot used for gymnasium parking.

The lot was added a couple of years ago with the completion of the school’s new gymnasium. Oftentimes during some of the district’s larger events, there is not adequate parking at the school.

“We’ve talked about wanting to complete that project this year,” Superintendent Jen Ulrich told board of education members during their most recent meeting. “I’m asking for direction from the board.”

The parking lot is immediately west of the gym. Directly to the north is the track. The school and its other parking areas are to the south.

Originally during the July 31 meeting, Ulrich brought up paving the lot, saying she could put together a request for bids for the project. That led to a discussion about seeing if it is possible first to expand the area to allow for additional parking.

“When we have a larger event, there is not enough parking,” board member Scott Schneider said. “I think we should look into making it as big as we can first.”

Other board members agreed.

“We want the asphalt, but I agree that we should see if we can expand it first,” Brad Rucker said.

“I just wanted to bring it to your attention,” Ulrich said. “This fall, we have a lot of things happening in the gym. It’s really the pleasure of the board as to what we do.”

School started in the Lonedell R-XIV School District on Thursday.

Board President Kathy Reed suggested local contractor Josh Dace be contacted to see if expanding the parking lot even is a possibility. Ulrich said Dace did the work on the existing lot.

Board members agreed the only direction the lot could expand is west, but they weren’t sure how far or what would have to be done to do that.

“I will visit with Josh and see what he thinks,” Ulrich said. “We would like to expand, but it may be more dollars than we can spend for parking at less than 10 events a year.”

The board will revisit the issue in the future after Dace takes a look at possibilities. No decisions, other than to contact him, were made on the topic during the meeting.

Other Business

During their July meeting, board members also finalized the list of new district employees.

Lonedell will have three new teachers when classes begin on Aug. 15. Amber Generally will teach first grade, Kelly Hardaway will be in a fourth-grade classroom and Todd Clanahan is the new music and band instructor.

Also, Amanda Friedman was hired as the media specialist, and Sharon Knickmeyer will work in the front office.

The board also set 6 p.m. Aug. 26 as a date for a long-range planning work session.