St. Clair

After having two weeks to look over the qualifications and position description, St. Clair’s board of aldermen on Monday night said the city now officially can begin looking for an assistant administrator.

During the board’s previous meeting this month, Mayor Ron Blum said he wanted to give the four aldermen adequate time to look over the job description for the position before it officially was advertised.

During that board meeting, City Administrator Rick Childers had a proposed written job description available for aldermen to review. It is similar to the original responsibilities listed when there first was interest in adding the position a couple of years ago.

“Please review this and let me know if any changes are required,” Childers said during the Oct. 7 meeting. “An approved motion to adopt the position description is requested to finalize the position listing for publication.

It was then that Blum suggested the board members take the time to look over the duties carefully.

“I’d really like to give the aldermen the chance to review it,” the mayor said at the time, adding that the motion could be made and the job description approved during the Oct. 21 meeting.

On Monday, Blum asked the aldermen if they all had reviewed the paperwork associated with the job. All four said that they had.

The motion then was made and unanimously passed to approve the position description as written.

Job Description

The assistant city administrator job will be a new position in St. Clair. Under the expected time line, the individual hired probably will start sometime around the beginning of 2014.

The job summary states that residency within the corporate limits of St. Clair is mandatory upon start of employment. When the position first was discussed earlier this year, Blum and Childers were unsure whether that would be a requirement.

Aldermen earlier approved adding the job after both Blum and Childers said it was sorely needed.

“There have been times key personnel finds other employment or retires,” Blum said during an earlier board meeting. “This always leaves the city in a precarious situation, and it puts us behind.

“I’m also aware that Mr. Childers may retire in a short period of time. I’d like to bring in an assistant to learn the position so when Mr. Childers does retire, there is no lack of continuity.”

Childers, who was hired in January 2011, is 63 years old. He has told The Missourian that his intent will be to retire in spring 2015.

The job summary also states that the assistant will be “responsible for assisting the city administrator in carrying out daily administrative duties and conducting research on complex personnel, organizational and fiscal issues affecting the city.”

Under duties and responsibilities as outlined in the job description, the assistant city administrator would:

•Gain operational familiarity with all aspects of city functions with intent of transitioning into the city administrator position.

•Manage all employee benefit programs and handle questions and issues regarding insurance coverages and policies.

•Manage the city’s safety and loss-control programs, serving as the safety officer.

•Serve as the principal point of contact for management of informational technology systems and issues.

•Participate in long-range financial and capital improvement planning and implementation of capital projects.

•Represent the city as required at local, state and federal governmental or organizational meetings.

•Assist the city administrator in overall operation and management of city activities.

•Perform all other related duties as assigned.

Also, it is stated that the individual hired needs to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, public administration, finance, accounting or a related field with a minimum of five years of direct experience in local government operations, personal management, municipal finance or a related field. A master’s degree in one of the above areas is preferred.

Childers’ job description for the assistant also states that the position requires the ability to attain and effectively use knowledge of local government structures and operations, public financial management, computer technology, public personnel management, workplace safety and loss control.

The salary is up to $55,000 annually.