Some residents have expressed concerns in proposed changes to the city’s trash service.

Alderman Jim Albrecht said he was contacted by a resident who is concerned about trash odor if collection is reduced to once a week instead of twice weekly.

City officials approved the specifications last month.

City Administrator Russell Rost assured Albrecht that the totes that will be provided will keep odors in, and are large enough to hold several trash bags.

The city is now under contract with Progressive Waste Solutions, formerly IESI, which ends Aug. 31. Under the current contract the trash is collected two days each week.

Bids are due at city hall Monday.

The bids specifications for a new contract include that both trash and recyclables be collected one time per week.

Rost said that most trash collection companies collect once per week, and supply residents with wheeled totes.

Under a new contract, residents will likely be given two large trash bins — one for recycling and another for trash.

Initially, the city sought bids for a 96-gallon container, and a 65-gallon container. However, Rost said waste management companies seem to prefer that both containers be the same size.

The containers will likely have different colored lids to distinguish between trash and recycling.

He explained that in order to keep costs low, the city must ink a five-year contract with a trash company.

Rost further added that there had been concerns about residents moving the larger trash bins.

“It is easier to move it than to carry a 30-gallon can to the curb,” he said.

Rost added that there are a few isolated situations that the city will have to address, including a few elderly residents who may not be able to wheel the large bin to the street.

“I think it will work but it will take some adjustments,” Rost said. “It (new contract) will eliminate a large number of complaints we’ve gotten.”

If residents use uniform totes citywide, the trash company would use lifts to dump the canisters into the truck. That could save on manpower because the truck could be operated with just a driver.

Rost noted that the city would look for an agreement that it share in the profits from the sales of recyclables. There are some cities who are reimbursed for a portion of the sale of materials.

Officials expect the yard waste and large trash pickups to be similar to the current contract, Rost added.

Under the current contract yard waste has been collected four times a month in May, June, October and November.

It is collected twice monthly in July, August and September, and once a month in January, February, March and December.

Large trash items are collected once per month.