The Lonedell R-XIV School District has applied its Title I funding to give its students better hands-on technology in the classroom.

Superintendent Jen Ulrich informed board of education members during their October meeting that the district has spent about $55,000 on iPads, desktop and laptop computers, SMARTboard, wireless access points and other related items.

“We chose to invest in technology,” Ulrich told The Missourian. “We need to get the latest technology into the hands of our students as best we can. ... We have to allow our students to be 21st century learners.”

Ulrich said that with the Title I funding purchases, Lonedell now has much better wireless connectivity inside its school walls. It now also has about one computer for every two students in the kindergarten through eighth-grade district.

Currently, there are about 310 students attending Lonedell.

“This year, our district received extra Title I funding that we have dedicated to technology,” Ulrich told board members, adding that the money has limitations on how it can be spent according to federal guidelines.

Specifically, 51 iPads and cases, two iPad carts with synching capabilities, two iPAD dongles, 20 desktop computers, 13 laptops,  two SMARTboards and four new wireless access points were purchased.

Ulrich said Lonedell now will have an iPad in each classroom, a cart of iPads for fifth- through eighth-graders and a cart of iPads for kindergartners through fourth-graders.

“We will have enough laptops in the seventh- and eighth-grade classrooms along with the fifth- through eighth-grade special education rooms that we will not have to have students carry them with them from class to class,” Ulrich said.

The superintendent said the ultimate goal is to have one-to-one technology devices available in the school.

“We will continue to try to find that funding stream,” she said.

Also during its October meeting, the R-XIV board of education approved mandatory updates to the district’s student welfare policy as well as its policy on staff family and medical leave options.