St. Clair High School science teacher Ben Martin told 42 St. Clair High School students that he hopes they are crazy enough to change the world.

Martin, who has been a regular speaker at the SCHS quarterly Very Important Person recognition ceremonies over the years, addressed the honored students and others in attendance last Thursday in the school’s auditorium. The focus of his short speech was that St. Clair can be changed for the better by these young people.

“I’m talking about change today,” he said. “Those people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Four times each academic year, the SCHS Renaissance Club conducts a VIP ceremony to honor students who are nominated by their teachers for the recognition. Each quarter, every teacher gets to nominate one student.

Students can be in any grade. They receive a certificate, T-shirt and pizza lunch.

Renaissance Club sponsor Melissa Krimmel has called these students the “best of the best.”

Martin agreed.

“Maybe you’re just sitting there thinking you’re a high school student and can’t change the world,” Martin said. “But, you are a Very Important Person.

“And what does it mean to be a Very Important Person? You’ve already changed the life of a teacher in some way, even a little bit. You’ve done that to the teacher who nominated you, to the teacher who took the time to nominate you. So, in a way, you’ve already changed the world a little bit. ...

“Folks, you are very important people, and you have the power to change the world,” Martin said. “You just have to be crazy enough to do it.”

Other VIP ceremonies will be conducted after the second, third and fourth quarters of the 2013-14 academic year.

The SCHS first-quarter VIPs are Collin Avery, Laura Bardot, Jake Bay, D’Angelo Bernaugh, Amanda Broadhurst, Tony Busby, Reyna Cassimatis, Selena Catalano, Daniel Chitwood, Alicia Collings, Kevin Cox, John Creasy, Diamante Decker, Jarred Dingley, Peyton Elliott, Autumn Erwin, Devin Gayler, Brendan Hays, Michael Hays, Susie Hendrickson, Justin Hogue, Erich Houston, Skyler Hutchison, Tye Johnson, Matt Jones, Kali Jones, Devin Juergens, Damon King, Kirsten Krier, Morgan Manning, Celena McElroy, Cameron Metz, Miranda Murphy, Josh Redmond, Jeremy Rego, Courtney Ries, Brianna Rinks, Devon Roller, Tori Schuster, Colleen Sims, Theresa Walker and Brandon Weiss.