Before approving a recommendation to rezone a parcel of land that measures less than an acre located along Highway 47 on the north side of the city, the St. Clair Planning and Zoning Board wants to make sure the owner of the property in question agrees with the request.

The planners tabled the rezoning request until they can confirm that United Distribution Service has authorized that Amy L. Mitchell, representing Sinks Pharmacy, which recently opened a new store in St. Clair where the rezoning is requested, can sign for and represent the landowner.

On the rezoning application, Mitchell signed on the owner’s line and indicated she was lessee of the property.

“I don’t know if Amy Mitchell has the property owner’s permission for this,” City Inspector Jeremy Crowe said during a public hearing prior to the board’s November meeting when he requested a recommendation be delayed.

During the actual meeting, Chairman Myrna Turner confirmed Crowe’s request.

“Jeremy requested we table this,” she said. “Amy Mitchell did not get proof she was able to sign for the owner of the property. We need a motion to table this until we get her signature approval.”

The motion then was made and unanimously passed to delay a decision until the proper information was gathered.

The parcel is located near both Sinks Pharmacy and the Mobil Travel Mart at 1435 and 1445 N. Main St., respectively, near the Highway 47 intersection with Interstate 44.

Currently, the property in question is zoned residential, which came as a surprise to planning board members.

“There’s a little wedge that never has been zoned commercial,” Turner said. “Sinks is asking for the rezoning so it will match everything else there.”

Turner said the property actually is the sloped front portion of the land as well as part of the driveway that leads to Sinks Pharmacy. The business wants to place signage there, but can’t until the rezoning is approved by the city.

Despite the item being tabled by the planners, the St. Clair Board of Aldermen has the item listed on its Monday agenda, including a second public hearing at 6:45 p.m.

Other Business

In other business, the planners made quick work of an annexation and rezoning request as well as a replatting of a lot in the Meadow Oaks subdivision.

A public hearing was conducted on the annexation and rezoning request prior to the meeting, but no one spoke. Only two people were in attendance.

The property is located at 8245 N. Main St. and is on the southwest corner of Highway 47 and the new Interstate 44 North Service Road. The 5.61-acre parcel is Lot 2 of the Helen Jones subdivision and is owned by Edward Jones.

The only question was raised by planner and Ward 2 Alderman Travis Dierker. He wanted to make sure the city had proper easements for water and sewer lines that run “right by the property.” When Crowe told him everything was in order, Dierker was satisfied.

During the meeting, the motion was made to annex the property into the city and zone it as commercial. The recommendation will be forwarded to the board of aldermen.

The aldermen are scheduled to conduct a public hearing about the annexation and rezoning at 6:30 p.m. on Monday in city hall.

In Meadow Oaks, Brad Thompson made the request that the city consider replatting 908 and 910 Q. Ave. as a condominium. A two-unit residence has been built on the site.

“Several months ago, we approved buildings in existence,” Turner said. “It’s now zoned for two-family use. This now would classify them as condos.

“Really, nothing changes.”

The motion was unanimously approved.

That item also is on Monday’s aldermen agenda.