The administration has asked the St. Clair Board of Aldermen to help spread the word that a permit is required for demolition projects within city limits.

City Administrator Rick Childers brought the matter up during last week’s meeting.

“With all of the construction activity, and especially demolition projects under way, the administration is requesting the assistance of board members in reminding everyone that a permit is required for all demolition projects,” Childers said.

Permits are needed from both the city and from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. They may be obtained separately from each entity.

“We just want to make sure things are done properly,” Childers said.

In some cases, a demolition permit may come with a required inspection to check for asbestos or lead-based paint, among other things.

Inspections are not included in the permit.

According to the state DNR, a demolition permit is needed for any commercial structure as well as any residential building larger than four units of living quarters or any residential building within 500 feet of another residential building also being demolished.

A city permit may be needed to tear down a front or back porch, storage building or similar structures, depending on its size.

Childers said residents should contact the city’s building department to make sure proper steps are taken in each case and to check whether a demolition permit is needed.