A man was seen with a handgun outside the St. Clair McDonald’s Thursday morning, but local law enforcement said he did not commit a crime.

St. Clair Police Chief Bill Hammack said officers were dispatched to the local McDonald’s restaurant, 1450 N. Main St., at about 11:15 a.m. after an individual reported seeing the man, described as a black male in his 20s, point the gun at the south wall outside the business. A laser was seen on the wall of the restaurant where the gun was pointed, Hammack said.

It is not known if the handgun was real.

The witness said the man went inside McDonald’s with another black man and a white woman, both also described to be in their 20s. They sat at a table but did not order anything before leaving a short time later.

Hammack said it is not known if the three left on foot or in a vehicle.

After they left, police were called.

Officers viewed surveillance video at the scene.

Information was dispatched to law enforcement throughout Franklin County, but the men and woman were not located. Hammack said if they were found, he would talk to them, but added that “our investigation basically is completed. They did not commit any crime.”