A St. Clair man had his domestic assault charges cut in half last month when one case against him was dropped because the alleged victim cannot be located.

However, he still is facing similar charges in a separate incident, and that case is progressing.

Prosecuting Attorney Bob Parks told The Missourian this week that a preliminary hearing recently was conducted on a case that stemmed from a July 20 incident involving Sean Hickman, 33. Those felony domestic assault charges were filed against him relating to an incident that started in rural Franklin County and ended up at his home within the St. Clair city limits.

“That case has been bound over, and it’s now in circuit court,” Parks said. “The victim has been cooperating.”

However, the separate domestic assault charges from a June 29, 2012, incident have been dropped.

The two cases have separate victims.

“The case from 2012 had been set for a preliminary hearing twice,” Parks said. “But we could not locate the victim. We asked for a continuance so we could continue to look for her, but the judge said no.

“So, we’ve had to drop the charges.”

Parks said if the alleged victim decides to come forward in the future, he would be more than happy to look at the case again.

“We just don’t know where she is,” he said.

In the 2012 case, the second-degree felony domestic assault charges were issued on Hickman, then 32. They stemmed from the incident that allegedly involved a 32-year-old female.

St. Clair Police reported at the time that officers were dispatched to an apartment on Roller Road regarding a domestic assault.

The police report stated that the female told police that she arrived at the apartment complex to pick up a child who she had in common with Hickman. She stated that Hickman answered the door while holding a handgun and refused to allow her to take the child.

The woman told police that Hickman allegedly attempted to force her into the apartment by pulling her hair, but that she was able to free herself. She then said Hickman shut the door with the child still inside.

The woman informed police there were two children, ages 10 and 13, inside the apartment.

2013 Incident

Hickman’s more recent charges stem from an incident that started at the River Road Access off of Old Cove Road northeast of St. Clair and continued at his home at 34 Buck Stand Court in the Crescent Village mobile home park.

Hickman was charged with second-degree felony domestic assault, misdemeanor domestic assault and misdemeanor child endangerment.

 According to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office report, deputies were dispatched to the River Round Access at about 9:30 p.m. on July 20 after a 911 call was made from that area reporting a domestic assault.

While at the Meramec River access location, a deputy was approached by a man who stated he did not witness an incident, but overheard someone say a woman’s name and that she was hit in the face.

The deputy checked the area, but was unable to locate anyone or anything.

Later that night, the deputy was dispatched to Crescent Village Mobile Home Park to assist St. Clair police with an incident there.

Upon arrival, the deputy was informed there was a domestic assault taking place that was a continuation from the earlier River Round access incident.

The deputy’s report stated that a woman and her 5-year-old son were at the river access point with Hickman that day when “Mr. Hickman became very intoxicated and started to become abusive” with both her and her son.

She said Hickman struck both of them.

The woman said she and her son went to the mobile home in St. Clair, and Hickman eventually returned there on his own later by unknown means.

The report stated that it appeared the father of the boy had heard about what had happened and also went to the Buck Stand Court residence to confront Hickman.