If the weather forecasters are correct, there is about a 50-50 chance St. Clair will have its annual fireworks show on Saturday night.

The fireworks were delayed a week to this Saturday after a round of severe weather cut the city’s annual Freedom Fest celebration short on June 21. A strong line of storms featuring heavy rain and gusty winds came through the area at about 7 p.m., forcing vendors who had set up shop at Orchard Park to scramble for cover and pack up their wares.

Most of the festival attendees left, too.

Later that night, City Administrator Rick Childers talked to representatives from J&M Displays Inc. about rescheduling the fireworks. This Saturday was selected.

The show is scheduled to begin at about 9:30 p.m. at Orchard.

The National Weather Service in St. Louis is calling for a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms on Saturday night. During the day Saturday, the chance is 30 percent.

Temperatures are forecasted to be in the mid to upper 80s.


Members of the St. Clair American Legion Post 347 are scheduled to present the colors on Saturday before the first shell flies.

J&M Displays then will provide the show. The park board spent $5,000 on the fireworks display, but company representative Joyce Shulte has said the value of the show is $7,500.

There should be about 1,100 shells during the display, including a dazzling finale.

Included in the 2013 show were 410 3-inch aerial shells, 250 4-inch aerial shells, 18 Roman candles and a variety of other multi-shot florals and ground effects. The show lasted about 16-18 minutes.

Park board members will be on hand throughout the night to patrol the grounds.

Individuals or groups — whether they were approved vendors for the Freedom Fest last week or not — will not be allowed to sell items at Orchard Park on Saturday, City Administrator Rick Childers said.

He said vendors who participated during Freedom fest were granted a one-day license for June 21 only.