An ordinance passed by the St. Clair Board of Aldermen on Monday night allows the city to accept more than $850,000 in federal money to help fund another road improvement project within its borders.

By a unanimous vote, the four aldermen agreed to allow Mayor Ron Blum to enter into a Surface Transportation Program agreement with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for improvements to Main Street from North Commercial Avenue to the east city limits.

“This ordinance allows us to accept $857,671.49 from the STP program to rebuild South Main Street and overlay the rest of Main Street to where it intersects with Commercial Avenue,” City Administrator Rick Childers told board members before they voted.

The Main Street project first was discussed more than a year ago when aldermen approved a pair of ordinances that paved the way for future road projects within the city limits. In September 2012, the aldermen approved ordinances that allowed Blum to accept professional service proposals from Cochran Engineering for roadway improvements on Main Street and Commercial Avenue.

The projects initially were brought up earlier that month when Cochran Vice President David Christensen went through a slide presentation and cost estimate study for each project.

The Main Street project will resurface the street from the traffic signal at North Commercial Avenue near the US Bank location through the North Main Street residential area, continuing through downtown and ending at the east city limits near Hickory Street at Parkway Village.

Curbs and gutters will be included as would new sidewalks from the intersection of East Springfield Road to Hickory Street. New driveway approaches also would be provided.

The other project would widen Commercial Avenue from Highway 47 to Oak Street and include a middle turning lane and a sidewalk.

The 2012 ordinances covered the city’s costs to Cochran for each project. For Main Street, the amount approved was $140,522. For Commercial Avenue, the figure was $374,427. Construction costs would come on top of that.

During his presentation, Christensen said the Main Street upgrade would be targeted for 2015 while the Commercial project would take place in 2017.

As far as original cost estimates, Christensen last year gave a total price tag of $1.006 million for the 1.4-mile project. The 80-20 split would bill the city $201,160 for construction costs.

The Surface Transportation Program provides flexible funding that may be used by either states or municipalities for projects on any public road.

St. Clair successfully has completed three other major road improvement projects during the past couple of years.

The Interstate 44 North Service Road was realigned and improved, Springfield Road was rebuilt and improved and Highway 30 was widened from Highway PP to Forest Hill Drive to include a middle turning lane. A traffic signal was added at Bardot Street.

Old Outer Road

The aldermen also approved an ordinance on Monday that executed a road relinquishment agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation. The road sections in question are certain parts of the now unused North Outer Road East. One section totals .247 miles while another totals .139 miles.