With about 10 minutes to go until the deadline, St. Clair got itself a race for mayor.

Lifelong local resident Ramon Dominguez filled out the necessary paperwork late Tuesday afternoon to add a second candidate for the city’s highest office, joining three-term incumbent Mayor Ron Blum on the April 2 ballot.

“I think St. Clair needs some change,” the 40-year-old Dominguez told The Missourian on Wednesday morning. “We need some change instead of having the same old thing going on and on.”

The mayoral race will be the only one on the municipal ballot as in every other instance, the same number of individuals filed as there are positions, with all but one of those being incumbents.

Dominguez came to city hall at 4:20 p.m. on Tuesday, or 10 minutes before the offices closed for the day. At the end of business that day, the filing period ended.

“We need a change, and I’m up for a challenge,” said Dominguez, who works in Washington. “No one ever runs against Ronnie, so I might as well do it.”

Two years ago, then-alderman Don Pierce challenged Blum for the mayor’s job, but easily was defeated.

Dominguez said he did not necessarily intend to file on the last day, but that’s how it worked out. He also told The Missourian he did not want to comment on anything further until closer to the election.

Dominguez’s decision bookended the filing period as Blum filed to retain his position on the first day he could, Dec. 11.

Blum first was elected mayor in 2007. He said he refiled because he wants to see his and the board of aldermen’s visions for the city come to fruition.

“There are multiple reasons I decided to file again,” Blum told The Missourian when he filed. “Everyone knows you have to look forward and set goals where you want to be, and then plan how to get there. ...

“Karen (Blum’s wife) and I agreed that we’ve come too far to stop now,” the mayor said last month. “We’re in a transitional phase that needs to be seen through to completion. We have a good board (of aldermen) in place, and it’s a privilege to work with them. We all want what’s best for St. Clair, and we need to finish what we’ve started.”

Whoever wins the election will serve the city for four years because city residents approved extending the mayoral term to four years through a ballot measure in 2011.

No Other Races

In every other upcoming municipal opening affecting St. Clair-area residents, there will be no race.

In the city of St. Clair, Ward 1 Alderman Zach Fuchs and Ward 2 Alderman Barb McGlenn have filed to retain their seats on the St. Clair governing board. Municipal Court Judge A. David Arand also has filed to keep that position. All of those terms are for two years.

In area school board filings, incumbents Danny Shadrick and Dave Hinson have turned in paperwork to seek re-election in St. Clair R-XIII, and Scott Schneider and Dan Short have done the same in Lonedell R-XIV. Those terms are for three years.

In the St. Clair Fire Protection District, Robin Jobe is the lone person to file for the vacant position. He is slated to replace Danny Gossett as board secretary and is the only nonincumbent other than Dominguez to file.

In the local ambulance district, the three-year terms of Tim Davis and Brian Hinson expire in April. Those were the only two individuals who have filed.

In Parkway Village, Rex Pingleton, Charles Ball Jr., and Robert Pelton’s terms will expire. Only those three filed there.