St. Clair Fire

St. Clair Fire Protection District firefighters battle work on extinguishing the house fire at 1079 S. Lay St. Thursday afternoon.

St. Clair Fire Protection District crews battled a fire that gutted a vacant home as well as surrounding brush fires that destroyed a barn and several sheds Thursday afternoon.

No one was injured.

Shortly before 2 p.m., firefighters were dispatched to 1079 S. Lay St. for both the residential and brush fires. When they arrived, fire and smoke was visible.

Crews had both the residential and brush fires under control within about 30 minutes. Personnel remained on the scene to extinguish hot spots.

The exact number of sheds or the extent of the brush fires was unknown at the scene.

When the fires were burning, there was some concern of them spreading to the J.C. George lumber warehouse located nearby at 229 W. Springfield Road. However, the fires were under control before they could spread that far.

The house fire was close to Crescent Village Mobile Home Park.

The cause was unknown.

See the Weekend Missourian for additional information.