The spray pad at Evergreen Park has been experiencing some difficulties with low water pressure this week, and the city is working on fixing the problem.

Public Works Director Jason Ivie told The Missourian on Thursday that over the course of a day this week, water pressure at the facility in Evergreen Park seems to decrease. The situation was discovered on Monday.

“We’re trying to figure out exactly what’s wrong,” Ivie said. “Something’s not right, and we’re working on it.”

Ivie said he received a call on Monday from an individual who had been at the spray pad and noticed there was very little water pressure.

He said he went to the facility and noticed the strainer basket was clogged with paper. He cleaned it out, and on Tuesday morning the water pressure seemed to be back to normal.

However, that afternoon the pressure started getting weaker. The same thing happened on Wednesday and Thursday.

A woman who visited the spray park with her children on Thursday afternoon said the problem still existed.

“There was absolutely no water pressure,” she said.

Ivie said he contacted Westport Pools, the company that designed and built the facility.

“They’re going to come out and check everything, he said.

Westport representatives arrived at the spray pad on Friday morning and started looking into the problem.

“Hopefully, they can get it up and running,” he said.

Ivie said his “best guess” is that some of the paper that was clogging the strainer basket actually got into the water system and is causing the problems.

“We’ll get it fixed,” he said. “We’ll get it working and get it to keep working as soon as we can.”

Individuals who may continue to notice a water pressure problem at the facility may call city hall at 636-629-0333.