Everything seems to be back to normal at the Evergreen Park spray pad after it experienced some low-pressure problems last week.

Assistant City Administrator Travis Dierker told The Missourian on Tuesday morning that all the fountains, jets and other water-powered items seem to be operating normally.

Westport Pools, the company that built the facility where the old community swimming pool used to sit, sent a representative to St. Clair on Friday. He assisted city crews and found some water system blockages that had limited the water pressure last week.

“There were some different blockages throughout the system” Dierker said. “Once the blockages were located, they were removed.

“The spray pad seems to be operating normally now.”

Public Works Director Jason Ivie had told The Missourian late last week that the water pressure at the facility seemed to decrease as the days went on. The situation was discovered last Monday, June 23.

Ivie said he received a call on that Monday from an individual who had been at the spray pad and noticed there was very little water pressure.

He said he went to the facility and noticed the strainer basket was clogged with paper. He cleaned it out, and on Tuesday morning the water pressure seemed to be back to normal.

However, that afternoon the pressure started getting weaker again. The same thing happened on Wednesday and Thursday.

It was then that Ivie contacted Westport Pools.

Dierker said Westport employees gave the city some tips on things to watch for and additional maintenance that can be done to limit future blockages.

The spray pad includes 21 deck-level and five above-ground structural features that are divided into three areas. The spray features consist of various jets, including a noodle tower, mist tunnel and tsunami spray, and three water cannons.