St. Clair High School Assistant Principal Ted Koenigsfeld said students who were named fourth-quarter VIPs are making good decisions.

Koenigsfeld was the speaker for the last of the Very Important Person awards ceremony of the 2013-14 academic year on Friday morning in the SCHS auditorium.

“As you become older you’re going to have to make many, many decisions, and some of those decisions are going to be challenging,” Koenigsfeld told the VIPs and others in attendance. “But because you have been chosen as a VIP this quarter, you’ve proven that you’re starting to make good decisions.”

Each quarter during the academic year, every SCHS teacher nominates one student to be a Very Important Person, and he or she is recognized with a T-shirt, certificate and pizza party.

Renaissance Club sponsor and SCHS teacher Melissa Krimmel often calls these students the “best of the best.”

On Friday, 57 students were recognized. They joined the 131 others who earned the honor during the first three quarters.

“I would like to congratulate you all in becoming a VIP this quarter,” Koenigsfeld said. “What does it mean to be a VIP? In my opinion a VIP is a school leader, and a leader is someone who steps up and takes advantage of the opportunities that are in front of them.

“But before you can do any of these things you must first make the decision to act,” he said. “Status quo is a very comfortable place to be in, but that is not the place you make yourself better.”

He then quoted Albert Einstein.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” Koenigsfeld said.

He continued: “You students have made the good decision to not be complacent or to make a change and have been noticed for doing something out of the ordinary. It is that shift in thinking that makes you a VIP today.”

Koenigsfeld finished his talk with a final Einstein quote.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

Fourth-quarter VIPs are Elizabeth Bardot, Jazmyn Betz, Cali Boyd, Bri Branscum, Ashley Burns, Zack Busse, Julia Click, Halley Cokley, Ashley Cox, Jacob Davis, Destiny Dell, Jeff Deuchler, Dillan Edwards, Michael Eggemeyer, Alyssa Ellenberg, Rylee Estes, Seth Feddersen, Jamie Foutch, Wyatt Gotway, Emily Hansel, Lyndsay Hardin, Meggan Harman, Shane Heideman, Mason Helton, Karen Hill, Sarah Hinson, Karissa Hoffman, Scarlette Johnson, Hannah Kierns, Morgan Kaemmerer, Nick Kinney, Nissa Krier, Hunter Landing, Cheyenne Leath, Jacob Messex, Kyle Miller, Clarissa Myers, Ronnie Myers, Trenton Nichols, Brianna Pendegraft, Charlie Penrod, Meredith Pruitt, Robbie Rodgers, Nick Rost, Tiffany Shadrick, Nicole Short, Jade Simonson, Ally Smiley, Noah Smith, Zach Sneed, Mariah Sohn, Luisa Steinmeyer, Chad Stinecipher, Rollen Summers, Aaron Trautman, Sharon Wagner and Melissa Wirt.