There was a second arrest earlier this month in connection to meth-laced flakka.

According to Sullivan Police Lt. Patrick Johnson, on Thursday, Nov. 2, a man was arrested after officers found methamphetamine in his car. The man said he believed the meth was laced with flakka. Charges are pending against the man.

It was reported in the Nov. 11-12 edition The Missourian that Thomas J. Evans, 35, Sullivan, was charged in Franklin County Associate Circuit Court with felonies of second-degree burglary and first-degree property damage, and misdemeanor stealing. Prosecutors requested a $30,000 cash-only bond.

He was suspected of being under the influence of meth laced with flakka.

Flakka is similar to the stimulants found in “bath salts.” Bath salts contain a “very powerful stimulant” which causes severe medical side effects when used.

There were other incidents that same week where people were suspected of being under the influence of “flakka.” Johnson said the people displayed similar behaviors including increased body temperature and grunting.

Neighborhood Watch

During the night on Saturday, Nov. 4, Sullivan police received reports of a man “running up and down the street screaming” and “barking like a dog,” Johnson said.

Family members were able to take him to a hospital for treatment. He was not arrested, according to Johnson.

Car Connection

Sunday morning, Nov. 5, Sullivan police took a man into custody who reportedly was screaming and acting crazy outside a hotel, according to Johnson. He did not have drugs on him, however appeared to be under the influence.

Later that day, police responded to a call regarding a woman “flailing her arms around” at Flying J Travel store. When police arrived, the woman was gone.

The license plates on the car that the woman arrived in appeared to be under the man’s name that police took into custody earlier that day.

She did not leave in the same vehicle. Johnson said both of those individuals’ behavior were similar.

Evans Charge

Before Evans was arrested, early Saturday morning, Nov. 4, a video was taken of him bathing himself using a drinking fountain at Jekyll and Hyde’s Sport Bar, according to Lt. Johnson.

Police said Evans was swinging a pool cue and damaged a large flatscreen television. He also attempted to break a lock off of the walk-in beer cooler, causing significant damage to the handle.

Evans allegedly drank alcohol while in the building and broke a window to enter the bar. Police had reported the Evans’ burglary and other similar incidents of people removing clothing and acting strangely.

Later that day, police responded to a disturbance call at Jack in the Box. The man, who turned out to be Evans thanks to the bar video, was arrested.

Due to his strange behavior, Evans was transported to a hospital after his arrest.

“He was obviously under the effects of something other than methamphetamine,” Johnson said.

“Since that weekend, we’ve not had similar calls that we think anybody was acting under the influence of methamphetamine mixed with flakka.”