St. Clair Board of Aldermen voted unanimously Monday night to allow Fed Ex Freight to install a modular restroom structure adjacent to its existing building.

Jim Markey, project manager with FedEx Freight who submitted the site plan, said the facility at 9 Bolte Lane has expanded and FedEx officials stated a need for more restrooms. Due to time constraints, however, company officials opted not to build permanent facilities.

“They’ve hired more employees, more part-time workers and more drivers so they currently are a little tight on restroom space,” Markey said. “We would like to provide the addition of a female restroom and three male restrooms.”

The building, which will be placed adjacent to the north side of the building, will be a 12-by-20-foot facility that will be permanently mounted on concrete blocks and anchored to the existing pavement. The wheels and tongue also will be removed.

Markey said a ramp will be constructed to make it ADA compliant as well.

It will be connected into the existing water and sewer lines and contain an HVAC system much like a permanent structure.