While the Bardot Street project is progressing along, some additional repaving will be made before its upcoming completion date.

City Administrator Travis Dierker said additional pavement repairs are needed on Bardot to accommodate weak areas in the concrete.

“We wanted to make sure the pavement was right and that we weren’t just paving over areas that were going to fail,” Dierker said.

Additional cost is $55,000, however federal funds will pay 80 percent and the remaining 20 percent will be split with St. Clair School District. Dierker said depending on other potential change orders, this may or may not affect the total cost of the project.

In addition, the city is working with Charter to remove a utility pole off Bardot.

“It’s taking a little longer than we had hoped, but the company we had hired has worked around it, so now we’re just working with Charter to try to get it removed,” Dierker said.

If time and money permits, Dierker said Shady Street may be repaired as well.

Construction for the Bardot Street project started in late July.

The project consists of widening the street to make way for a center turn lane that will extend from Highway 30 south through the Edgar Murray Elementary entrance, as well as 6- to 8-foot-wide sidewalks and street lighting.

In June, the city hired West Contracting to do the work in the amount of $650,104. In May, the city was approved to receive $400,000 in federal funds from East-West Gateway that will help pay for the project.

East-West Gateway is the metropolitan planning organization for the St. Louis region, which includes Franklin County.

The city and the St. Clair R-XIII School District have entered into a cost-sharing agreement where they will split the remaining $150,000 balance.

The project is scheduled to be completed by Oct. 21.