By Monte Miller

Missourian Staff Writer

With an overall voter turnout of 71 percent, just under 51,000 Franklin County voters cast ballots yesterday to wrap up what seemed like the never ending 2016 political season.

At the top of the races for Franklin County offices Republican Circuit Judge Ike Lamke was victorious in retaining his seat over fellow judge Democrat David Hoven by a 63 to 36 percent margin.

Out of a total 62,862 votes cast in Franklin, Osage and Gasconade Counties, Lamke received 39,673. The largest amount, 29,373 came in Franklin County, 5,272 in Osage and 5,028 in Gasconade.

Overall, Judge Hoven received 23,189 votes, 19,595 votes in Franklin County, 2,118 in Gasconade and 1,476 in Osage County.


In the Second District Commissioner race, Republican State Rep. Dave Hinson defeated incumbent Democrat Jeff Maune by nearly a 2 to 1 margin with a 63 to 36 percent margin. Hinson collected 14,281 votes to Maune’s 8,242.

The margin was much wider in the First District, where incumbent Republican Tim Brinker defeated Constitution Party candidate Eric Reichert by a margin of 70 to 20 percent. Brinker received 19,873 votes to newcomer Reichert’s 5,085.

The only other contested county wide race was for the office of Public Administrator and it also had the most narrow margins.

Incumbent Mary Jo Straatmann, the only Democrat to win a county office, was successful in her re-election bid against Republican challenger Gary Getman.

Straatmann, received 25,606 votes to Getman’s 22,830, a 52 to 47 percent margin.


Several other candidates for county offices defeated opponents in primary races or ran unopposed during the entire election cycle.

• Lt. Steve Pelton received 43,973 votes in the general election for Sheriff.

• Craig Hellman received 42,136 votes in the general election for Municipal Judge.

• Tom Copeland, received 43,025 votes for Assessor.

• Debbie Aholt received 42,807 votes for Treasurer.