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After months of campaigning the dust is settling over the 2018 midterm elections and in Franklin County Republican candidates came out on top.

According to unofficial numbers from the county clerk’s office, 60 percent of Franklin County registered voters went to the polls Tuesday casting 43,384 ballots.

At the top of the ticket was the U.S. Senate race between Republican Josh Hawley and Democrat Claire McCaskill.

Hawley defeated McCaskill statewide by a 51 to 45 percent margin.

Of the 2,422,425 votes cast in Missouri, Hawley collected 1,245,732 and McCaskill 1,101,377.

In Franklin County, Hawley received 59 percent, or 25,646 votes to McCaskill’s 15,637, 36 percent of the total 42,961 votes cast.

U.S. House

Incumbent Republican Congressman Blaine Luetekemeyer (211,000) defeated his Democratic opponent Katy Geppert (106,478) by a 65 to 32 percent margin statewide. In Franklin County, Luetekemeyer received 28,700 votes to Geppert’s 12,844.


Despite Democrat McCaskill’s loss, incumbent state auditor Nicole Galloway, the only Democrat running for a state office, defeated Republican challenger Saundra McDowell.

Statewide, Galloway received 50 percent, or 1,197,020 votes. McDowell collected 44 percent of the votes with 1,060,066.

The Republican, McDowell, won in Franklin County by a 51 to 39 percent margin.

Municipal Judge

In the only contested race for a Franklin County office, Republican Gael Wood defeated Democrat Bill Stahlhuth to become Franklin County Municipal Judge by a 68 to 31 percent margin. Of the total 40,701 votes cast, Wood received 27,771 to Stahlhuth’s 12,840.

Senate 26

Incumbent State Sen. Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, won a second term defeating Democratic challenger John Keihne of St. Albans.

The Senate district spans both Franklin and St. Louis counties where Schatz received a total of 53,659 votes to Kiehne’s 29,866, giving Schatz a 64 to 35 margin of victory.

House Dist 61

In the Missouri House District 61 race Republican Aaron Griesheimer, Washington, defeated Democrat Pam Menefee, also of Washington, by a 68 to 31 percent margin.

Of the total 11,044 votes cast, Griesheimer received 7,563 votes to Menefee’s 3,469.

House District 109   

The 109th House District seat will now be occupied by Republican John Simmons, Krakow, who defeated Democrat James Cordrey, Union, by a 66 to 33 percent margin. Of the total 15,651 votes cast in the race, Simmons received 10,452 to Cordrey’s 5,178.

House District 110

The 110th House District covers only a small sliver of Franklin County but it does include the city of Pacific.

The winner of that race was Republican Dottie Bailey (10,715), who defeated Democrat Cody Kelley (6,327) by a 62 to 33 percent margin.

In Franklin County, the margin was a bit smaller at 53 to 46 percent. Bailey received 1,558 votes to Kelley’s 1,337.

House District 119

The lone incumbent State Rep. from Franklin County, Republican Nathan Tate of St. Clair, won re-election to his second term by a 70 to 29 percent margin defeating Democratic challenger Marcie Nichols.

Of the total 12,474 votes cast Tuesday, Tate received 8,831 to Nichols 3,622.

The Missourian will have more detailed coverage and analysis of these races in our weekend edition.