Alderman Nick Lange has won re-election to represent the East Ward of Marthasville by a narrow margin of five votes.

Lange had been challenged by write-in candidate Keith Theissen. The outcome of the race wasn’t clear after the election April 3 because Lange fell just shy of having a majority vote, 55 out of 112. That means it fell to the Warren County Clerk’s office to count and validate the write-in votes.

The count was conducted Friday, April 6, and Keith Theissen emerged with 50 votes.

Marthasville aldermen serve for two-year terms. Lange was elected to office in 2014 as a write-in candidate and re-elected in 2016.

In the Southwest Ward, former Marthasville Police Chief Eugene “Gene” Jenkins was elected to the board of aldermen in a race against incumbent Christopher DeVore. Jenkins received 105 votes and DeVore received 82.

Lange and Jenkins will be sworn in at the board of aldermen’s next public meeting April 18 at 7 p.m. in Marthasville City Hall.