Eric Greitens

After the release Wednesday of a "salacious" report highlighting allegations against Gov. Eric Greitens, two local lawmakers are stopping short of calling for a resignation.

"If it was a book, you'd have to be 18 to buy it," said St. Clair Sate Rep. Nate Tate Wednesday referring to the sordid details of sex, violence and alleged blackmail detailed in the report.

Thus far, Tate and his State Senate counterpart Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, are still taking the wait and see approach before passing final judgement on the fate of the governor who is currently facing a felony invasion of privacy charge in this matter.

For his part, Greitens has denied the allegations, calling them a "witchhunt".

The Missourian is following these quickly developing events and will have more reaction from lawmakers in Jefferson City in our weekend edition.

To read the Special Investigative Committee on Oversight's full 25 page report, visit