All five local state legislators have received high marks for their voting records by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce for the 2017 legislative session.

State Sen. Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, was one of only 20 lawmakers who ranked in the 100 percent club for perfect voting records on the biggest pro-business bills of 2017, according to the Chamber.

Adding in Schatz’ past business voting records, he holds a 97 percent ranking overall, the highest of any of the politicians representing Franklin County.

Schatz is currently serving his third year in the Senate and plans to seek reelection in 2018 and announced he will run for Senate Pro Tempore.

Before being elected as senator, he served in the House from 2011-14.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce graded the elected officials based on how they voted on the most important issues this session and throughout their public careers.

The issues included civil justice, economic development, education and workforce development, environment, taxation and budget, labor and unemployment insurance.

Just behind Schatz in the rankings is State Rep. Justin Alferman, R-Hermann, who received a 90 percent ranking in 2017 and a 95 percent cumulative ranking from the Chamber.

Alferman has served three years in the House of Representatives.

Next in line is State Rep. Kirk Mathews, R-Pacific, whose district covers just a sliver of Franklin County. During his three years in office, he garnered an 85 percent ranking and 92 percent in 2017.

Newcomer State Rep. Nathan Tate, R-St. Clair, received a 79 percent ranking in his first session in office.

Rounding out the Franklin County delegation was four-term State Rep. Paul Curtman, who came in just behind Tate with a 78 percent voting record overall and a carer ranking of 91 percent.

Curtman’s final year in the Legislature will be 2018. He is currently eyeing a run for state auditor.