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Campaign spending in the race for Circuit Judge between David Hoven and Ike Lamke is more than double that of all other county races combined.

And with the pair still holding more than $11,000 in the bank, the spending could go even higher.

The six candidates for two Franklin County commission seats and public administrator have spent $42,017 combined on their campaigns.

According to financial reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC), Hoven is leading the spending at $43,592 spent as of Oct. 30.

He currently has an additional $9,476 in the bank.

Although Lamke isn’t too far behind his opponent in spending, at $41,439, he is at a bit of a disadvantage by only having $1,976 in the bank with just days left before the election Tuesday.

Despite any additional judge campaign spending, the primary race for Franklin County Sheriff between Lt. Steve Pelton and Lt. Jason Grellner is still tops with $125,115 in combined spending.

The victor, Pelton, spent a total of $72,227 to Grellner’s $52,888.

County Commission

The race for Second District commissioner between incumbent Jeff Maune and state Rep. Dave Hinson tops the other countywide races with $23,513 in combined spending.

Maune has outspent his challenger at $14,029 and currently has an additional $6,153 in the bank.

Hinson has spent $9,484 on his run for commissioner and has an additional $2,747 in the bank.

Hinson faced Jeff Thurmond in the Republican primary in August.

Thurmond, who is now being investigated by the Missouri Highway Patrol for alleged on the job theft while a Franklin County highway supervisor, spent $6,860 on his unsuccessful campaign.

A commissioner race for the southern part of the county has also seen thousands of dollars spent by incumbent Tim Brinker and only a few hundred by his current opponent Eric Reichert.

As of Oct. 30, Brinker had spent $12,411 on his re-election bid, mainly during the primary.

His opponent in that race, Robertsville businessman Tim Baker, spent more than $36,500 on his unsuccessful bid.

Currently, Brinker has just over $1,000 left in the campaign bank account.

His general election opponent, Constitution Party candidate Eric Reichert, has spent only $305 on his campaign and has $118 left in the bank.

Public Administrator

Democratic one-term incumbent Mary Jo Straatmann has spent $5,788 on her re-election bid thus far and has an additional $2,175 in the bank for the election home stretch.

Her Republican opponent, Gary Getman, who has run for multiple county offices in the past, has not filed any financial reports with the MEC during this election cycle.

State House

Two of the four state representatives, whose districts include parts of Franklin County, are facing candidates next Tuesday.

Paul Curtman, R-Union, is facing Labadie resident Ellen Skiljan, who is running as a Green party candidate.

Curtman, who is seeking his fourth term in Jefferson City, has spent $609 on his campaign thus far and has $18,934 in the bank.

Skiljan, a political newcomer, has not filed any reports with the MEC, which is not necessary if a campaign is self-funded, or expenditures do not exceed $1,000.

Curtman’s colleague, Justin Alferman, R-Hermann, is running in his first re-election campaign against the same opponent he had two years ago, former educator Tom Smith, D-Washington.

Thus far, incumbent Alferman has spent $11,237 on his bid for another term and still has $22,817 in the bank.

Smith, has spent only $875 on his run at the state house, with $1,674 in the bank.