Jefferson City

“If it was a book, you’d have to be 18 to buy it.”

That’s how State Rep. Nate Tate, R-St. Clair, referred to the Missouri House Investigative Committee on Oversight’s report on Gov. Eric Greitens released Wednesday evening.

The report, which can be found in its entirety at, was ordered after a St. Louis grand jury indicted Greitens on felony invasion of privacy charges in February.

The indictment alleges Greitens took a cellphone photo of his mistress while she was tied up, blindfolded and in a partial state of undress.

Greitens allegedly threatened to use the compromising photo as leverage to keep the mistress from ever disclosing the affair or Greitens’ actions.

The House committee interviewed four witnesses from the case, including the woman whom Greitens has admitted to having an extramarital affair over several months in 2015. In addition to the mistress, two of her friends and her ex-husband, who originally brought the affair to light, were questioned by the committee.

In the 25-page report, the mistress, who is referred to as “Witness 1,” gives graphic descriptions of numerous intimate encounters with Greitens, all at his home in the Central West End, following their original meeting in which the alleged photo was taken.

The Details

An excerpt from testimony given by Witness 1 states that after the alleged photo was taken she was very upset and crying, but Greitens still made advances toward her that eventually resulted in oral sex.

“I’m bawling my eyes out and he’s still like messing with me,” she said. “So I gave him oral sex at this point.”

Despite detailing numerous intimate meetings and oral sex with Greitens over the following weeks, Witness 1 declares “we didn’t ever have intercourse throughout all of the times that I saw him.”

In many instances, Witness 1 described the encounters becoming abusive and Greitens behavior becoming aggressive and violent.

This was especially true when Greitens asked Witness 1, who was at the time separated from her husband, if she had “been intimate” with anyone while she was seeing Greitens.

“And he looks at me and asked me … have you been intimate with anybody since you and I started?” Witness 1 said. “I slept with my husband, and he slapped me across my face, just like hard to where I was like, What?”

The report adds Witness 1 testified that she did not believe the slap was intended to physically hurt her. Instead, she said, “I felt like he was trying to claim me.” The slap did not leave a mark but “was just jarring. It wasn’t sweet and gentle; it was forceful.”

In an earlier incident, Witness 1 testified Greitens grabbed, smacked and shoved her down to the ground and the incident “may have left a mark.”

The Husband

Witness 1’s ex-husband, who is referred to as Witness 3 in the report, also testified before the committee and a secret recording he made of Witness 1 was entered as an exhibit.

The report states Witness 3 repeatedly threatened Witness 1 with the release of information about the affair and told Witness 1 “Just wait, because your outstanding reputation is going to be ruined and so is Eric Greitens.” You guys are going to go down and I have proof of it. I’m going to ruin this guy.”

Witness 3 released the recording to media outlets in December 2017 and the story of the affair and alleged photo taking was released the same night as Greitens’ state of the state address.

Greitens was given the opportunity to testify before the committee, but declined.