Despite Franklin County being a Republican stronghold, Democratic U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill has visited Franklin County three times in the past four months. 

After the Republican sweep of 2016, McCaskill, along with State Auditor Nicole Galloway are the only Democratic statewide officials in Missouri, not to mention the only women.

In a heated and very partisan national political scene, McCaskill’s seat is viewed as vulnerable since the rest of the state went to Republicans from President Donald Trump on down the ticket in 2016.

But, that may not be the case this year, especially in Franklin County.


In the Aug. 7 primary elections held in Franklin County, 68 percent, or 20,888 of the total 30,355 voters opted to take Republican ballots.

An additional 7,953, or 26 percent of the ballots cast were for Democrats.

Despite the right leaning electorate, McCaskill is very popular in Franklin County and makes several visits to the area each year.

Most recently, she was in Union on Monday, Oct. 29, Washington on Oct. 16 and stopped another time in Union on Sept. 8.

It should be noted, Hawley has not visited Franklin County while campaigning in 2016 or since he took office as attorney general in January 2017.

Hawley Votes

Despite being a no-show in Franklin County, Hawley has won the county each of the three times he has been on the ballot here.

In the August 2016 attorney general Republican primary, Hawley defeated Kurt Schaeffer by a 66 percent to 33 percent margin collecting 12,543 votes.

In the November 2016 general election, Hawley defeated Democratic candidate Teresa Hensley with 69 percent of the total votes cast in Franklin County.

Most recently, Hawley fought off six other Republicans to win the Republican primary with 50 percent, or 9,369 total votes.

McCaskill Votes

Going back to her first Senate campaign in 2006, McCaskill won the Democratic primary in Franklin County garnering 84 percent or 3,501 of the total votes cast.

Although she went on to win statewide, McCaskill lost Franklin County in the November general election to Republican Jim Talent by a 52 percent to 44 percent margin. McCaskill received 16,890 to Talent’s 19,746 votes that year.

Her fortunes turned in 2012 when she won re-election defeating Todd Akin statewide.

Despite the margins being slim of only 545 votes, McCaskill defeated the Republican Akin in Franklin County.

Most recently, McCaskill fought off 10 opponents in the Aug. 2018 primary to win on the Democratic ballots cast in Franklin County.

Of the 7,957 Democratic ballots cast, McCaskill won 6,358, or 82 percent of the totals.