Eric Greitens

To the victor go the spoils.

Months after his election to the governor’s office, Eric Greitens is still raking in political donations from businesses and organizations throughout Missouri and beyond.

According to reports filed Jan. 17, with the Missouri Ethics Commission, Greitens received 125 donations in early December totaling more than $2.6 million, giving him close to $3 million in his political war chest after just two months in office.


The largest of those donations came from Tamko Building Products, based in Joplin, with a pair of $500,000 donations, one from a consultant named Sarah Atkins and another from an executive named David Humphreys.

Another massive post-election donation of $300,000 came from Herzog Railroad Services of St. Joseph.

Rounding out the six-figure club was Ameren Missouri with a $100,000 donation on Dec. 5.

In addition to the $1.4 million from just three companies, Greitens also has received $200,000 in donations from groups or businesses associated with the insurance or health care industries.

Major Companies

As with any campaign that has state- or nationwide repercussions, major industries pay attention and in some cases, contribute to a campaign in hopes of being in the good graces of the victorious candidate.

In Greitens’ case, dozens of household name companies have made five- and six-figure donations after he was governor-elect, the vast majority coming in on Dec. 5, 6 and 7.

Here is a list of well-known Missouri-based companies that donated to Greitens after the election was over:

•Anhueser Busch — $25,000;

•Express Scripts — $25,000;

•Enterprise — $10,000;

•AT&T — $5,000; and

•Hallmark Cards — $5,000.

Out of State

As was common during the run up to the election, Greitens received millions in donations from interested parties all over the country, including many big-name donors from a wide variety of industries.

The same is true after the election as Greitens continues to rake in donations from national and international companies:

•Coca-Cola ­­— $75,000;

•Walgreens — $10,000;

•Microsoft — $5,000;

•Centurytel — $5,000;

•Kum & Go — $5,000;

•General Motors — $5,000;

•Hy-Vee — $5,000;

•Tesla Motors — $5,000; and

•Comcast — $5,000.

Other notable donors include Union Pacific Railroad, Phillips 66, Mallinkrodt, Sprint, Titlemax and many others.

There are even donations from online fantasy sports websites Fanduel and Draft Kings of $2,500 each.

No Stranger

Although these major donations came after the election, Greitens is not unfamiliar with big money flowing through his campaign.

According to documents filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission 30 days after the November election, Greitens had total expenditures of $18,678,614 since the time his committee was formed in February 2015.

Greitens won the seat even though his Democratic opponent Chris Koster had expenditures of more than $24.8 million.

During the primary season before August, Greitens spent $8,072,057 on his campaign for Missouri’s top elected position.


In recent weeks, questions have arisen about donations to Greitens’ inauguration fund.

The governor has divulged who the donors were, but not exact dollar amounts.

Last week, a newly formed nonprofit organization, A New Missouri, was formed to help the governor promote his agenda.

Because it is not a political action committee, the organization will essentially be able to take in and distribute unlimited monetary donations without any public disclosure.