After just weeks in office, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is wasting no time moving forward with his new role in the legislative process.

On Thursday, July 5, Parson signed 15 bills passed by lawmakers in the 2018 legislative session, which ended May 18.

Of special note was Senate Bill 743, which contained language from State Sen. Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan.

The omnibus education bill will allow residents in St. Albans to send their children to schools in the Rockwood School District and Washington taxpayers will foot the bill by paying much of their tuition.

The district is budgeting $135,000 to cover the tuition for the students in the Rockwood District.

Another Schatz bill, SB 707, was also signed Thursday and modifies the provisions related to vehicle sales and doubles the amount of bonding a vehicle dealer must have.

Bills signed by Gov. parson on Thursday include:

SB 592 — Omnibus Elections,

SB 608 — Business Premises Liability

SB 644 — Unclaimed Property

SB 769 — Financial Transactions by Public Entities

SB 568 — Salaries for Certain Public Officials

SB 708 — Auto Liability Coverage

SB 773 — Taxation

SB 892 — Omnibus Retirement

HB 1291 — Omnibus Local Government

HB 1516 — MO HealthNet Reimbursement for Chiropractic Services

HB 1953 — Bone Marrow Registry

HB 2129 — Organ Donor Education

HCR 70 — Christopher Harris Day

In all, 146 bills were passed by the General Assembly in the 2018 legislative session.

Outgoing Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens signed more than half of those bills before leaving office on June 1.

Included in the 77 signings were five individual bills spo1nsored by lawmakers representing Franklin County.

Republican State Reps. Kirk Mathews, Pacific, Nathan Tate, St. Clair, Paul Curtman, Washington, and Justin Alferman, Hermann, had bills signed, as well as another bill sponsored by Schatz.