Franklin County Clerk Debbie Door says despite a slight hiccup Tuesday morning, polling places throughout Franklin County are running smoothly.

"We had a couple issues with Prop A on some Republican ballots," Door said. "Apparently, the voters didn't know the proposition was on the back of the ballot and didn't turn it over."

Door explained the Prop A location on the back of the primary election ballots was discussed explicitly during election judge training, so she's not sure what caused the confusion.

As far as overall voter turnout, Door said it is still too early to tell, but the weather may be a wild card.

"I have to stick by my original prediction (30 to 33 percent)," Door said. "I think Prop A may draw some people out, but the rain may keep people in, so it's a wash."

The polls in Franklin County are open until 7 p.m Tuesday and results will begin coming in shortly after that time.

A link to voting results can be found at