State Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Pacific

Government’s only purpose is to help keep people free, said State Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Pacific, who served as the keynote speaker recently at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner in Washington.

Curtman said, “Some people will argue with you to the death that the best thing for the people is for government to have more control.”

He subbed as the keynote speaker because the original guest from Americans for Prosperity was unable to attend.

After high school, Curtman joined the Marines and was deployed to the Middle East for Operation Enduring Freedom.

He said he was the kind of Marine who would have eaten mud if ordered.

“I love the Marine Corps. I love blowing stuff up. I love shooting things,” he said.

Former U.S. Sen. John Kerry once stated that he was for the war before he was against it, Curtman said. That’s when Curtman started paying attention to politics.

Kerry gave the orders for troops to fight in the war on two different fronts but when he was running for president “tried to use the blood of American troops for political leverage. I have a big problem with that,” Curtman asserted.

A couple of Republicans were saying the same things as Kerry, Curtman added.

After that, Curtman read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Republicans are in good company because Thomas Jefferson was the “first active head” of what was the early origins of the Republican Party, Curtman said. The Republican Party has been the leader of the “freedom movement in America,” he added.

“The Republican Party passed a Civil Rights Act in the ’60s in spite of the multiple Democrat filibusters that were taking place in the Senate, and the Republicans still prevailed,” Curtman said.

Republicans can also be credited with taking action to free the slaves and giving women the right to vote, he added.

No government has authority to put a “legal hold on what God has given you naturally. No man in any government anywhere whether it’s a king, a state rep, or a city councilman has a right to tell us what we can and can’t say as long as we’re not doing anything to hurt anyone else.”

There are 17-year-olds in the mountains of Afghanistan risking their lives because they took an oath to the Constitution, he said. Therefore, people in the United States should at least have the courage to display a yard sign in support of the people who need to be put in office, Curtman said.

“Dr. Martin Luther King said a genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus,” Curtman said.