Voters strongly supported the two Republican candidates in House of Representatives races in Tuesday’s election.

Both men are already representatives, however they are running in different districts than they now represent.

Dave Schatz, 48, who is the 111st District representative, was elected to serve as the Representative in the 61st District, and Paul Curtman, the current 105th House District representative, was elected to represent the 109th District.

Curtman, 31, defeated Franklin County Second District Commissioner Ann Schroeder,  of Union. Curtman received 9,810 votes, or 57.57 percent, compared to Schroeder who received 7,215 votes, or 42.34 percent.

Curtman has served one year in the House. He recently moved to Union in order to establish residency in the new district. Under the old district boundaries, he represented the 105th district, which included Pacific and areas of Jefferson County.

The redistricting put Curtman’s Pacific address in the district of the new speaker of the Missouri House, Tim Jones.

Schatz overwhelmingly won the 61st District seat.

According to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office, Schatz received 12,452 votes, or 72.2 percent; while Democrat Michael Sage, 65, of Bay, received 4,804 votes, or 27.8 percent.

The 61st House District covers northwest Franklin County, including roughly three-fourths of the city of Washington, northern Gasconade County and a portion of Osage County, including the city of Westphalia.

Schatz ran for election in the 61st District because statewide redistricting placed both Schatz’s residence, and that of 98th District Rep. Dave Hinson into the new 119th District.

The new terms will begin January 2013.

“I’m happy with the voting direction this county went,” Curtman said. “I think our county voted in a way that reflects that we’ve got a good group of pretty traditional, conservative-minded citizens and residents.”

He noted that residents are free to contact him with questions or comments.

“I’d like to say, ‘Thank you’ and remind citizens that, as far as people in the district, that I sent my cellphone number and email out on every piece of mail so people would have a way to contact me,” he said. “I put them there so if anyone wanted to talk to me about any issues they can pick up the phone number and call me.”

“I will do my best to follow the Constitution and make sure we have a government that’s accountable and responsible and a government that cooperates with our small businesses and families,” Curtman added.

Schatz said that the results indicate that the district is comprised primarily of conservative voters.

“It basically describes the district as a fairly conservative district,” Schatz said. “Two-thirds of the district I would consider is what rural America looks like — it (election outcome) reflects the value of those who live in these types of areas.”

He further added that he expects the Republicans in the House to pass more legislation this session than the last.

“We have a historic majority in the House and I’m glad to be a part of that,” Schatz said.

“We’ll have a different agenda with a veto-proof majority in the House,” he added. “We can try things we hadn’t attempted — our priorities will play out in the next couple of weeks.”

Schatz will be required to live within the 61st House District for one year prior to the 2014 election.

Both Curtman and Schatz said they are disappointed with the performance of Republicans in state and national elections.

“I would be more excited if we had done better statewide and nationally,” Schatz said.

Curtman said he also was disappointed in the state and national election results.

“I’m kind of surprised we didn’t get any Republican offices in at the state level,” said Curtman. “The Shane Schoeller race was tight. I’m a little surprised. I thought Shane would have won. It was a big shock to me as far as statewide races go.”

Democrat Jason Kandor defeated Schoeller in the Missouri Secretary of State race.

“I’m pleased with how things turned out,” added Curtman. “I wish things would have been different at the federal level, but I’m very pleased with how things went at the county level.