Union Mayor Mike Livengood says he did not give permission for a candidate to use his name in a political ad.

In the Wednesday, Aug. 1, edition of The Missourian, John Simmons, candidate for the Missouri 109th House District seat, ran an ad listing endorsements of several organizations and former and current politicians.

Although the ad does not use the word “mayor,” it lists Mike Livengood as one of those endorsing Simmons.

But, Livengood says he did not agree to endorse Simmons.

“I did not give him permission,” he told The Missourian. “I said I would think about it but I don’t like doing things like that.”

Livengood noted that he did not give Simmons the “green light” to use his name in any advertising.

Simmons’ opponent Kevin Juergens also sought Livengood’s endorsement, which was not given. Juergens Contacted Livengood after seeing Simmon’s ad.

When asked about the miscommunication, Simmons replied he has talked to Livengood and revisited the meeting we had.

“I thought he had, given me that green light,” Simmons said. “He remembered stating it would probably be OK if not as mayor of course, which I expected. But, he said he mentioned he wanted to mull it over. I misinterpreted it as still good to go, since I did not hear otherwise.”

Simmons contends he has cultivated support and votes from many in the community including Livengood’s.

“No intention on my part at all to mislead,” Simmons said. “I have texted Mike again to see what needs to be done. If I need to retract or make a statement in the paper about the misinterpretation then I of course will do that. Still waiting to hear from Mike.”