Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, says he doesn’t expect there to be any major issues this week as lawmakers returned to Jefferson City for the annual veto session with a special session running concurrently.

The Washington City Council Monday approved a preliminary plat request that will allow for a home to be put up for sale.


In what seems to be the conditioned response after any gun violence, those on the left of the political spectrum call for more gun control, while those on the right blame mental health issues and video games for causing the tragedy.

Missouri is preparing for one of the biggest birthday parties in the state’s history when Route 66 turns 100 in November 2026.

Democratic candidates for president will be featured on television Wednesday and Thursday nights. Ten candidates will appear each night. There are more candidates than 20, but they did not qualify. The are called debates, but they really aren’t since there isn’t time for actual debating.

As one of three new lawmakers representing Franklin County in Jefferson City this session, State Rep. Dottie Bailey, R-Eureka, says having been around politics for years, there weren’t many surprises.

Before the 2019 legislative session began, new State Rep. John Simmons, R-Krakow, said he was going to ease into the new role and didn’t plan on filing many, if any bills.

A bill sponsored in honor of former Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) employee and Franklin County resident Lyndon Ebker has passed the Legislature and awaits the signature of Missouri Gov. Mike Parson.


While the ink is still drying on the Clean Missouri Amendment strongly passed by Missouri voters last November, House lawmakers have already approved legislation to overturn a portion of the constitutional amendment regarding legislative redistricting.


Just a month shy of the three-year anniversary of Lyndon Ebker’s death, legislation has passed the Missouri House that may prevent a similar tragedy from happening in the future.


According to State Sen. Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, there are 665 retail locations in the state of Missouri operating illegal gaming machines, which have cost the Missouri Lottery Commission $3.2 million in sales in the past six months.


A billboard message on Interstate 44 reading “Choose Life, No Matter What” was taken a step further this week in the Missouri House of Representatives.


Last Thursday, the House Transportation Committee voted 12 to 1 to pass a bill that would automatically revoke the driver’s license of anyone who hits a utility, highway or emergency worker on a Missouri roadway.

Following months of campaigning and fundraising new legislators head to Jefferson City for the 100th General Assembly that begins Wednesday.