City officials say the owners of property where a sewer line collapse left a giant sinkhole now want the site cleaned up.

The city excavated a broken sewer pipe and created an open storm drain ditch at Integram Drive and West Osage following the collapse of a corrugated metal sewer pipe Sept. 9, 2016.

In March 2017, aldermen authorized cleanup of the site and approved a bid of $30,000 from Rich Gullet to do the work.

At that time, the intention was to grade the slopes of the open drain, seed and straw the ground so it could be maintained in the spring and summer of 2017.

Work stopped when the city determined that there was no easement across the property that was owned, at that time, by Clayton Corporation.

DAP Products Inc. acquired the foam division of Clayton Corporation in January 2017.

City Administrator Steve Roth said the firm has since agreed to provide an easement across the property and wants the city to complete the cleanup that aldermen approved in March.

Roth said following the sinkhole cleanup, the city needs to replace the box culvert that takes the sewer line beneath Integram Drive where it eventually empties into Brush Creek.

“Our hope is to come to some agreement with DAP and move on to the road culvert next,” he said. “This needs to be done. It is clearly our responsibility and is something we need to get into the plans.”

Roth also said the city would need construction easements on either side of Integram Drive to do the work.

Dawn Humphries, DAP attorney, said the firm is ready and willing to resolve the sinkhole cleanup issue.

“We want to see the city clean up what was damaged and we’re willing to provide an easement,” Humphries said.

City Attorney Bob Jones said he would prepare a temporary construction easement across the property and forward it to DAP.

“The city’s limited obligation would expire when the work is completed,” Jones said.

Aldermen approved the cleanup that had previously been approved in March.