Pacific volunteers with Operation Clean Stream have set a special goal for the 50th anniversary of the river cleanup project, according to Steve Myers, who has coordinated the Pacific section cleanup for the past eight years.

The team targeted Brush Creek for the 2017 cleanup project and challenged themselves to remove 50 cubic yards of debris from the creek in honor of the anniversary year.

This is the 50th year that volunteers have cleaned the banks of the Meramec River in Operation Clean Stream.

Myers said he’s is uncertain how many years Pacific volunteers have participated in the annual cleanup, but thinks it is at least 45 years.

“Charlie Coffman got me involved when I was a little guy. I think I was about 12,” Myers said. “I have an old newspaper clipping of the Pacific volunteers working with Charlie.”

This year’s cleanup, held this past Saturday, was blessed by good weather, he noted.

Approximately 50 volunteers removed debris from the bank and streambed of Brush Creek from Truman Elementary, through Cedars and Hawthorne subdivisions and the city park, to the mouth of the creek at the Meramec River.

“We also had a team on the Meramec River, between the Highway O bridge and Pacific Palisades boat ramp,” Myers said. “A four-man crew filled their canoes twice.”

The 50 volunteers dumped 50 cubic yards of debris into the dumpster provided by Waste Management, the city’s contract waste hauler. They also collected 34 tires, which could not be put in the dumpster.

A kitchen crew, which was part of the cleanup helpers, prepared breakfast and dinner for the volunteers. New Beginnings Lutheran Church provided the food.

Kitchen workers included Lori Myers, Judy Lipscomb, Mary Thomure, Bob Myers, Judy Mason and Julie Silistria.

At the end of the day, Greg and Perri Doell provided the pavilion at Lake Cat Tails for volunteers to have dinner and celebrate their success.