An ordinance to combine the Meramec Valley History Museum and Meramec Valley Genealogical and Historical Society as one city of Pacific committee gained final approval Dec. 5.

The formal name of the committee will be the Meramec Valley History and Genealogy Society.

The two groups began working together in early 2017, but finalizing a merger stalled when one citizen said correct procedures had not been followed.

The genealogy group, the older of the two, was formed in 1987 after former librarian Sue Reed began collecting obituaries and local history information in 1964. In 2012, the genealogy collection was moved to city hall.

The history museum began collecting memorabilia in 2002, which was housed in glass cases in city hall. The collection was moved into the former Wolf residence building in 1906.

After that building was sold to the Knights of Columbus, the history memorabilia was placed in storage.

Now members of the joint society are preparing to combine the archive and memorabilia of both groups for exhibit and research in the Red Cedar Inn, which the city purchased as a visitor center and history center.

Members hope the larger space in the former restaurant building will offer adequate space for historical exhibits and room for the public to use the archive for family history research.

Nine directors, appointed by the mayor and approved by aldermen, will oversee the combined operation. Directors’ names were submitted, but due to the absence of the mayor at the Dec. 5 meeting appointment and approval were postponed.

No date has been announced for the move to the Red Cedar building. The city granted the seller the right to remain in the building for six months.