Dillon Patton, a Boy Scout with Troop 443, Villa Ridge, reported to the Pacific Park Board Sept. 10 on the status of his Eagle Scout project, which is to install a fenced dog run area in the city park.

Patton, who turns 18 in February, must have the project completed by that date. One thing he wanted to talk about was the site, he told park board members.

The board had previously approved a location south of the tennis courts, but Patton said he has been approached about the absence of shade there and has looked at a site on the south side of Brush Creek.

Carol Johnson noted that MIRMA, the city’s insurance carrier, said the site needs both shade and visibility. While the site south of the creek has shade, she said, it’s not visible from the park area.

Rob Arnold suggested the park board clear the vegetation on both sides of the creek so the area would be visible.

Stephen Flannery, park board president, said he still favors the site next to the tennis courts. He said he has walked the section at different times in the day to track the shade.

“In the morning, there is shade on the east side to about 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. and in the afternoon there is shade from the trees along the street after about 4 p.m.,” he said.

Flannery said he has not tracked the movement of the sun on the property south of Brush Creek.

After some discussion, Patton said he could stake off both sites and have the entire park board look at both locations and make a decision.

Flannery said he’s concerned that delays by the park board might extend beyond the time when the project has to be completed, but Dave Patton, the Scout’s father, said he would hate to see the board make a hasty decision.

“Don’t let that decide the location,” Dave Patton said. “Look at the big picture. We can put stakes in both locations and you can look at them next week.”

The park board was scheduled to meet in the park Monday, Sept. 17, to look at both sites.

The perspective Eagle Scout noted that he is about two-thirds of the way through his fundraising to reach the needed $3,600 for the base project. The city has allocated an additional $3,000 for equipment inside the fenced dog walk.

Flannery suggested that some people might donate labor to help with the project.

Anyone who can help can contact Patton, may call 636-584-9890.