Pacific residents who are outdoors will hear the city’s storm warning siren test at 1 p.m. Monday, May 1.

Previously the sirens have been tested on the first Sunday of the month. Officials decided to change the test date to the first Monday to coincide with St. Louis County tests, at the request of City Administrator Steve Roth.

“And the staff is here on Monday,” Roth added.

The city operates five outdoor storm sirens, which are located at the Eagles, 707 W. Congress; the city maintenance shed; on Industrial Drive; and north of Interstate 44, near Monroe Woods Apartments; and at Osage Hills subdivision on Highway OO.

All the sirens were reported not working in early March but were repaired and working on Friday, March 17.

The repair work was completed by Outdoor Warning Consultants (OWC).

After inspections by both OWC and Radio Communication Co., it was revealed that the sirens were equipped with wideband receivers, which might have been part of the reason for the system failure.

Roth said he discussed the narrow band issue with Police Chief Matt Mansell and Capt. Don Locke, and Communication Supervisor Deborah Donoho and all agreed it was necessary to bring the sirens up to reliable working order.

Aldermen approved a request from Roth to install new narrow band units.

Cost of the repairs and new narrow band units totaled $18,745, which was below the amount budgeted.

Alderman Steve Myers said the city should make an effort to remind residents that the storm warning sirens were intended to warn individuals who are outside at the time of impending bad weather.

“Some people think they should be able to hear the sirens inside their homes,” Myers said. “But if folks are inside with windows closed and the television on they will not hear the sirens.”