Pacific joined other cities in the St. Louis County Municipal League to oppose any statewide vote on the question of a St. Louis and St. Louis County merger.

Aldermen approved a resolution Nov. 7 prepared by the municipal league, urging St. Louis city and county elected officials to keep discussions and votes on the question of government structure in the hands of local boards and voters.

The city of St. Louis separated from St. Louis County in 1876. Since then there have been several failed attempts to reunite the two into one governing body.

The possibility of reunification resurfaced when St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson and St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger endorsed a report in June showing millions of dollars a year in waste from inefficiency due to the city-county division.

Krewson and Stenger announced a task force to create a proposal to change that.

The municipal league resolution did not speak for or against reuniting St. Louis and St. Louis County, but stressed that the decisions and any votes should be made at the local government level.

Although no legislation has been presented to state lawmakers, municipal league members worry that pro-merger legislators might put a merger vote on a statewide ballot.

The resolution says municipal league members feel that all discussions and votes on any plans to change their local government structures should be held only by residents and governing boards of St. Louis city and County, including the 90 municipalities located in the county.

The municipal league feels that if the question of the state’s largest city was opened to voters across the state, the result could damage the government structure of St. Louis city and County.

“Most other cities in St. Louis County passed this same resolution,” said City Attorney Bob Jones.