Franklin County election officials say they will hold a special election Aug. 6 for voters in the Calvey Creek Sewer District and Crestview Sewer District.

Tim Baker, county clerk and election authority, made the announcement July 10.

The special election is to determine whether voters will approve a court judgment allowing the two rural sewer districts to combine.

The polling place will be the Robertsville Masonic Hall, 1228 Adler Lane, Robertsville.

Having only one polling place is a cost-saving measure for the county.

“In order to cut back on costs for this election, we will combine the two voting precincts of Catawissa and Robertsville,” Baker said. “All voters will cast their ballots at the Robertsville Masonic Hall.”

The change in polling place will be for this election only.

The ballot will read:

Shall the Judgment/Decree of Incorporation entered by the Circuit Court of Franklin County, Missouri, on March 7, 2019, establishing the CALVEY CREEK SEWER DISTRICT OF FRANKLIN COUNTY MISSOURI #2 be finalized, formally creating the district and authorizing the district to incur indebtedness through revenue and general obligation bonds to pay for the costs of the construction, necessary improvements and maintenance of such district?

For more information on the special election contact the Franklin County Clerk,