There will be dogs barking and running in Liberty Field Park Oct. 21 during a working dog training and competition.

Dogs from throughout the region demonstrate their skills at following commands in the contest.

The Wildwood Schutzhund Club, which has been holding Schutzhund trials once a month in the park, will host the event.

Joeri Veth, of Norway and the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, comes to Pacific each month to conduct the training sessions.

Veth helps owners train all levels and all breeds in the skills of obedience and tracking.

Carol Weddle and her German shepherd Baron Marcona have traveled from Oklahoma for the training sessions once a month for the past year.

The only week they missed training with the Wildwood club was the week they spent in Regau, Austria, as members of the U.S. Team in the International Seekers Show.

For Weddle, Schutzhund training is the ultimate connection between dog and owner.

“First it’s about the relationship between the dog and owner,” Weddle said. “But once that trust is there it’s about tracking and obedience. It’s an absolutely wonderful sport.”

The Wildwood Schutzhund Club is affiliated with the United Schutzhund Clubs of America Mid Central Region.