Pacific will see significant road improvements over the next two years as MoDOT launches repair work on Interstate 44 and Route 66, according to Judy Wagner, MoDOT area engineer.

Wagner addressed the board of aldermen May 1 to discuss what is coming up in the next few years for Pacific.

“Our long-range plan is out now for public comments,” she said.

In 2020, MoDOT will redo I-44 pavement from the St. Louis County line to Highway 30 in St. Clair. The work will include all bridges.

The project also will include resurfacing Viaduct Street and building an additional right turn lane on the existing I-44 westbound off-ramp at Pacific.

“That should make that corridor construction free for 10 years,” Wagner said.

The big news for Pacific is the plan to redo the I-44 business loop (Route 66) through Pacific from the county line to Gray Summit.

This plan will include taking out and replacing all the old sidewalks in Pacific. Some streetlights also will have to be moved.

“We’re selecting a consultant to do that work right now,” Wagner said.

Long-range plans also are in the works for Highway OO.

“I’ll be coming out next week,” Wagner said. “We’ll be looking at resurfacing and pavement repair to scope that out. I wanted shoulders, but didn’t get the funding for that.”

Wagner said MoDOT hopes to complete Highway OO work before beginning the I-44 resurfacing.

She was unable to get requested funding for a signal at Indian Warpath Drive and Route 66.

“I talked with the school district to try to fund that as a school project,” Wagner said.

Police Chief Matt Mansell said it’s imperative from a safety standpoint that a traffic light be installed at that junction.

“We have to get a signal there,” Mansell said.

Wagner said she met with Mansell and Fire Chief Rick Friedman to discuss improvements that did not cost money.

“We looked at signs and striping,” she said. “We asked the school district to look at funds for a flashing signal to go off in the morning to slow people down. Flashers would cost $10,000 to $15,000 and they’d be solar.”