Pacific officials say they want to warn the public of the dangers created when mowing their grass if they allow clippings to collect in the street.

They say the new grass clippings are slick and create a hazard for bikers.

Under a new city policy, officials will crack down on property owners who allow grass clippings to collect on city streets. The offense will be treated as a nuisance.

Starting immediately, the mayor has called for code enforcement officials and police officers to take action when they see clippings in the street.

Property owners will be issued a warning. If no action is taken, they will be cited.

The mayor announced the new policy at the July 16 board of aldermen meeting. He said numerous complaints and worry about bikers who are at risk when riding over the clippings triggered the new policy.

Officials say it is a violation of Codes 225.010 and 220.200, which makes it unlawful to deposit litter anywhere except in appropriate receptacles and clearly defines grass clippings as litter.

Mayor Seve Myers asked Police Chief Matt Mansell to have officers join the effort and warn residents when they see clippings in the street.

“It will help us enforce this,” he said.