A Pacific alderman who offered an employee a raise should resign from the board, according to resident BJ Lawrence.

Speaking at the Aug. 19 board of aldermen meeting, Lawrence said Alderman Mike Pigg should resign for what she describes as abuse of power and bullying.

Lawrence addressed the board, saying she was responding to an Aug. 13 article in The Missourian reporting a telephone conversation Pigg had with police departments Record Clerk Karen Dozier.

In the article, Pigg discussed increasing Dozier’s pay by $3,000 a year and stated that her husband speaking out at a board meeting and annoying other aldermen had delayed him discussing the raise with her earlier.

“I’m here about the article in last week’s Missourian.” Lawrence said. “This is not Alderman Pigg’s first abuse of power. This is just the first that was made public. This is a small town and such things cannot be kept hidden.

“There is a huge crusade to stop bullying in schools,” Lawrence said. “Why would you aldermen condone bullying?”

Mayor Jeff Palmore stopped Lawrence from addressing aldermen, asking her to direct her comments to the chairman.

“We’re following Roberts Rules of Order and that dictates that you address the chair,” Palmore said.

“I think his (Pigg’s) call to Karen Dozier was a bribe and a form of intimidation,” Lawrence said.

“It’s past time to get to new administration,” she said. “I hope aldermen would be brave and honorable.”

For several days before the meeting, Lawrence circulated a petition to be presented to the board of aldermen seeking Pigg’s resignation.

“I am circulating a petition to get as many signatures as possible to convince Mike Pigg to resign or the aldermen to impeach him,” Lawrence said.