A request to approve an engineering contract for repairs and improvements to the city’s wastewater system following damage suffered in the 2015 flood was tabled for contract review.

City Administrator Steve Roth presented a resolution Sept. 5 authorizing a contract agreement with Burns McDonnell Engineering for design and construction and administrative services relating to the repairs.

The work, estimated to cost $1.3 million, has been on hold due to a glitch in FEMA funding.

FEMA originally ruled that damage suffered at the city sewage lagoon during the December 2015 flood was ineligible for assistance because the city’s agreement with the engineering firm 21 Design Group did not meet federal guidelines.

Following City Administrator Steve Roth’s appeal on the ruling, FEMA revisited the city’s application and approved the project with a total budget of $1,317,207.

The city advertised for wastewater engineering firms to submit qualifications to oversee the repairs.

After reviewing the request for qualifications from four firms, and negotiating with Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, Roth prepared a contract with the firm to oversee the work at a cost not to exceed $168,560, which represents approximately 12.5 percent of the total budget.

Roth noted that City Attorney Robert Jones had been out of the city and had questions on several clauses in the contract.

Jones said several minor modifications were needed.

Alderman Carol Johnson, president of the board, said she would like to see the contract in its final form before the board approves it.

“If the contract is not what it should be it needs to come back,” Johnson said.

Alderman Mike Pigg agreed, making a motion to table the resolution until the contract is in its final form.

Roth said the delay would not seriously impact the work or the FEMA funding

“We would just lose two weeks,” Roth said. “We have until August 2018 to complete the work.”