Aldermen will discuss a request from a West Osage property owner to blight one property and amend the West Osage Community Improvement District (CID) to provide tax assistance to the property.

The board will hold a public hearing to discuss the request Tuesday, Dec. 6. The public will be allowed to speak.

The city formed the West Osage CID in 2008, which required businesses located within the district to collect a special half-cent sales tax.

Tax funds collected to this time were used to pay the city’s share of a federal road improvement project on West Osage.

Joe Bosse, who owns the former Queen’s Market building at 2244 W. Osage, is renovating the building for a new grocery store. He is requesting that the half-cent CID taxes collected by the new store be reimbursed to him to cover the costs of renovating the structure.

Only the taxes collected from the store would go to the property owner.

Under the existing CID, the taxes collected in the district can only be used for infrastructure within the district.

State statute allows the CID to be amended to allow taxes to be used for blighted private property.

The West Osage CID consists of 32 parcels of land located along West Osage (Route 66) between Interstate 44 on the north and Rose Lane on the south, between Noonan Drive on the east and Cedar Drive on the west.

The petition requests that the board of aldermen declare the former Queen’s building blighted.

A copy of the petition is available at city hall for the public to review. Interested parties will be allowed to speak during the public hearing.